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Discover the allure of chic and classy contemporary staples. Worldwide shipping.

Complete Your Online Transaction

If you have placed your order, but not made payment follow the instructions below to complete your online transaction.

Are you paying with your card?

Kindly make payment using the first card option upon checkout for a seamless shopping experience. All card types (Debit, credit, visa, master cards etc.)  are accepted.

Via Pay Pal?

Process your card payments via PayPal using the second card payment option upon checkout. All card types (Debit, credit, visa, master cards etc.)  are accepted.

Are you paying via Naira Bank Transfer

To finalise the payment, convert the total amount from US dollars (USD) to Nigerian Naira (NGN) using either the exchange rate of $1 = N1,560 or the Official CBN rate on the date of purchase (Click  to view todays rates).

Then make payment into bank details below. Please use your order ID as payment reference. E.g. Order #12345

Bank: GTBank
Account Number: 0308615044
Account Name: Olarsgrace Enterprise

To confirm your payment, send your payment confirmation via email:

📧 - Hello@olarsgrace.com

Email subject: "Payment Confirmation Order #XXXXX"

Have Questions?

Please contact us on any of the below:

Olarsgrace Livechat: www.olarsgrace.com

💬 - @Olarsgrace on Instagram
📧 - Hello@olarsgrace.com
⏰ - Weekdays ➡️ 9:30am - 6pm.